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Pokémon Scarlet & Violet news

  • Open World RPG
  • 3 Unique Stories inside the game
  • First story is enrolling at the academy and going on a “Treasure Hunt”
  • Paldea Region
  • 2 Legendaries: Koraidon (Scarlet) and Miraidon (Violet)
  • Legendary Pokemon will accompany you with 3 different forms: Land, Water, and Air
  • You can fight all 8 gyms in any order
  • Many NPCs
  • New subspecies of Pokemon (Paldean Wooper: Poison type: nickname “Pooper”)
  • Starters: Sprigatito (Grass: Weed Cat), Fuecoco (Fire: Apple Gator), and Quaxly (Water: Fancy Duck)
  • You will be able to explore upon your legendary and collect pokemon with up to 3 friends via the “Union Circle” in online CO-OP

This new phenomenon gives every Pokémon a unique crystal effect. This not only changes the appearance of the Pokémon but can also boost their type and move strength. Some Pokémon will actually change type with Terastallization (Pikachu can fly?), and others will actually have several types (Evee has normal, grass and water). You’ll be encouraged to actually check the Terastal type of each Pokémon you catch so you can get the rare versions as well. Many of the rare types you will need to catch via “Tera Raid Battles”, which you can do with up to 3 additional trainers. The highlight in this new raid battle is that you can move in any order. Once the battle is over you get a chance to catch the special Tera type Pokémon.

  • Release Date: November 18th, 2022
  • Standard Game: 59.99
  • Combo Pack with both versions: 119.99 (also comes with 200 pokeballs)
  • The installation will be 10gb
  • “Early Purchase Bonus”: valid until 2/28/23: Get the Special Pikachu with Tera Type: Fly via Mystery Gift
  • World Overview Gameplay Trailer

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