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About Us

Becoming a force for family fun

Discussing the topic of family friendly gaming

The Family Fun Force podcast is where we talk about all kinds of entertainment, games and activities and if they are a good fit for your family. We aim to tackle a broad scope of topics to see what is appropriate for your specific age groups and interests. Our hope is to give you a better understanding of the games or movies your family is interested in and elaborate on the rating systems already in place to help you understand how these activities can fit into your life. We also try to have fun discussing things that we enjoy doing with our family!

Meet your host (PLAYER 1)

Matt (RadRoosterDad)

Father, Gamer, Rooster

“..and I’m matt..” The logistical side of this operation. Computer enthusiast and programmer. He does the heavy lifting when it comes to getting the podcast ready for the air. Fan of VTubers and simulator games.

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Meet your host (PLAYER 2)

Jess (Dragon_of_Rampage)

Mother, Gamer, Small Angry Dragon

“Hi I’m Jess…” The humorous agenda. Game hoarder and ex GameStop employee. She runs the updates for the Facebook and mainly uses this as an excuse to buy games. Fan of streaming and platforming games.

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