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November 2023 Updates

I feel like it’s going to be a popular trend that Sony sticks with Mature games to be headliners on Playstation Plus Essential. We’ve got Mafia II and Aliens Fireteam Elite, and while I would say those are both good games, Mafia II is very graphic and Aliens Fireteam Elite is a bit gory and becomes challenging fast. The only other game we have is Dragonball The Breakers at Teen, and unless your kiddo is until Dragonball, chances are it’s gonna fall flat.

Honestly I’m tempted to be like “Plateup” by itself is the only thing you should care about this month from Xbox, but that would be doing you a diservice. Though any of you who have watched Matt and I stream Plateup know how much I like it. However, I would say Coral Island which looks like a cute role-playing sim, would be a good choice, with it’s E 10+ rating. Wild Hearts is available too, though I would always recommend Monster Hunter Rise first *cough* EA you need original ideas *cough*. Ahem. Lastly I’ll say Spirittea looks interesting, it’s another role-playing sim for this month.

Well our podcast is a little late but we’ll have it up soon enough. For now I’ll stick with this format for December, with coverage of PS Plus Essential and Xbox Games Pass Ultimate. I might start looking forward and pick out 1 upcoming release each month to mention, but we’ll see. Don’t forget to look back and see what we’ve covered over the year to maybe pick out a new game for the kids (or yourself). Or you can always get the trusty wallet card. There are a lot of games.

Until next time!

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