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October 2023 Updates

After some thought and time I have decided that this wall of text that the subscription updates was becoming wasn’t really fun or beneficial. (If I happen to be wrong, please comment as such!) I’m still trying to figure out what sort of thing I can do monthly to add onto here, but nothing is coming to mind yet. Hopefully by the beginning of the year I might have a better idea. For now, I’m only going to say I’ve looked at the free games from the subscription services and these are what stands out/or I’ve played before and I recommend. I’m not going to list every game out with all the notations. With that in mind, here we go!

The games I would personally take interest in are both Mature. The only thing kid friendly is Farming Simulator 22, which I cannot personally recommend. So, good for adults who like horror: The Callisto Protocol and Weird West. I’ve played neither but they both looked cool.

Back to why I’ve decided to stop doing the full breakdown. As of last update I was under the impression there was a “core” level and the “pass” standard level but I cannot see a difference in game listing anywhere. Congrats Xbox, you haven’t made this any easier than Playstation now. So at this point I’m looking at a list which would fall under the “Ultimate” category? It looks like “core” is exclusive to console and there is a pc version and they both run 9.99 monthly, but if you want both it’s “Ultimate” for 16.99 monthly. FUN. So out of the full list, I’ll be honest, there are a lot of games here I’ve never heard of, but part of Xbox Games Pass is day one access to new games (so that’s to be expected). Mineko’s Night Market is probably the only thing here that would stand out to me as being kid-friendly, with an ESRB of E for Everyone and cute graphics. It’s a role playing game that looks very focused on family as part of it’s story. I will also say for our simualtor people, Forza Motorsport and City Skylines 2 are also available. No problem with the kids playing those, but they’ll want to have interest in more realistic stuff first. Lastly I will say there’s an odd rhythm game listed here Headbangers: Rhythm Royale. It’s about pigeons and headbanging? Noted.

Oh look, it’s still a wall of text. However, I’ve added a bit more to the xbox section than necessary because xbox’s update is still pretty fresh. I would like to point out I’ve never covered the free games with the Nintendo Subscription, but I never felt like covering old retro games made much sense. Most people are only buying online for Switch so they can play online. ANYWAY. I’m going to release November tomorrow if I can. If anyone has ideas for what my monthly updates should be, please feel free to comment below ideas.

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