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March 2023 Subscription Games

Available starting March 7th through April 3rd

  • Battlefield 2042 (PS5, PS4) [ESRB: M for Mature]
  • Minecraft Dungeons (PS4) [ESRB: E 10+ for Everyone 10 and Up]
  • Code Vein (PS4) [ESRB: M for Mature]

  • Trüberbrook (Xbox One/X/S) (March 1 – March 31)  [ESRB: T for Teen ]
  • Sudden Strike 4 – Complete Collection (Xbox One/X/S) (March 1 – March 31[ESRB: T for Teen]
  • Lamentum (Xbox One/X/S) (March 16 – April 15) [ESRB: M for Mature]

  • F1 22 (Console, PC) (March 2nd[ESRB: E for Everyone ]
  • Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty  (Console, PC, Cloud)  (March 3rd) [ESRB: M for Mature]
  • Guilty Gear Strive  (Console, PC)  ( March 7th) [ESRB: T for Teen]
  • Dead Space 2  (Cloud)  (March 9th) [ESRB: M for Mature]
  • Dead Space 3  (Cloud)  (March 9th) [ESRB: M for Mature ]
  • Valheim (Console)  (March 14th) [ESRB: Not yet Rated-M for Mature?]
  • Sid Meier’s Civilization VI (Console, PC, Cloud) (March 16th ) [ESRB: E 10+ for Everyone 10 and Up ]
  • Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom – The Prince’s Edition  (Console, PC) (March 21st) [ESRB: T for Teen]
  • MLB The Show 23  (Console, Cloud)  (March 28th) [ESRB: E for Everyone ]
  • Infinite Guitars  (Console, PC)  (March 30th) [ESRB: Not yet Rated- Teen?]
  • Way To The Woods (Console, PC) (March TBA ) [ESRB: Not yet Rated-Teen?]

To start us off, Playstation Plus once again has more Mature content then kid-friendly this month. Opening up with the mixed-reviewed Battlefield 2042, this game from the popular series Battlefield may be one of the top-played, but was not received well in it’s newest iteration. On top of that, the content is quite mature with violence from your standard military shooter. Next we have Minecraft Dungeons, the Diablo meets Minecraft Dungeon crawler. Content is perfectly suitable for audiences 10 and up and gives Minecraft fans a different type of story experience that is top down and fantasy style. Lastly we have Code Vein, which is a role-playing game with a focus on post-apocalyptic fantasy. Although it encourages co-op, this game is also a bit too mature for general audiences with violence and blood. Overall, looks like we’re striking out with Playstation Plus again this month.

Xbox Games with Gold is next, and includes two Teen games and one Mature game. Looks like we’re not seeing a whole lot of kid friendly stuff here either. Trüberbrook, a Science Fiction thriller set in an alternate reality 1960s, is rated Teen. The art style and scenery is interesting but it has enough “adult” content to get the Teen rating. Probably ok for 12 and up. Sudden Strike 4 – Complete Collection, a World War II strategy game, is rated Teen. Seems like the strategy games are really popular with Xbox. This does offer multiplayer, but as this is strictly a military based game you definitely only want to give it to your older kids. Finally, Lamentum, a pixel survival horror game, which appears to be fairly graphic and merits a Mature rating. It lists in the description reminiscent of titles like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. It looks a bit like Castlevania but definitely has that classic horror feel. Though I’m interested in this, I would not say ok for kids.

Xbox Games Pass, do you have anything E for Everyone for us? You have a racing game, F1 22, rated E for Everyone? Splendid! Though this is a racing game, bear in mind this isn’t your traditional racer as it is Formula One Racing. But it is E, so we got one! There’s also, another RTS, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, which is E 10+. Lastly there’s another sports title, MLB The Show 23, which is E for Everyone. So we’ve got 3 that fall in the everyone range. There are also many games that do not have ratings that I cannot confirm, but guess might be in the Teen range, like Infinite Guitars, a rhythm RPG, and Way To the Woods, a exploration game where you play as deer? I hadn’t heard much about that but it looks interesting. Guilty Gear Strive is confirmed Teen and is a side scrolling 2d/3d fighting game. I’ll be honest I’ve played this series many times (including before I was actually Teen) and I don’t think it’s that graphic so it could be ok for the 10 year old range. Not to forget Ni No Kuni II, which is a sequel to the Wrath of the White Witch. This RPG is also Teen, and if you haven’t seen it before, is Studio Ghibli in terms of graphics and story. I played the first one which was E 10+ so I’m not sure how much more graphic it became, but it might be alright for again, at youngest a 10 year old to play. There are a few Mature titles on there that are pretty popular (looking at you Dead Space), but I’d probably keep the kids away from those.

Overall, it looks like Xbox Games Pass has the best selection for titles for the younger generation. See you again next month!

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