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April Fools 2022- Easter Candy

Pink and blue chick shaped marshmallow. Packaging behind with "Peeps" branding.
“We are reviewing candy. It’s E for Everyone. Rated 10/10. Available at your local grocery store.”

Single player/Multiplayer, FOOD

ESRB: E for Everyone


Cotton Candy Peep-For your kids, don’t get them for yourself.

Blue Bunny Peep-Get them for your kids.

Reese Eggs with pieces- They are ok for Easter.

Andes Mint Cookie Crunch Thins (Easter)-Get them! Any Andes is great but this is especially good.

Starburst minis w/ beans-Yes get them, especially the mixed bag.

M&Ms-Just get the minis. If there’s a preference, I get the minis.

M&Ms mystery mix eggs-They’re really pretty. They taste good. Worth putting in the kids’ basket for Easter.

Brach’s Rainbow Sparkle Jellybird eggs-These are super pretty and have Blue Raspberry. Get them.

Somewhat Recommend

Cotton Candy Peep- I don’t mind these. I like these more than regular. Buy them on sale.

Blue Bunny Peep-Don’t buy these they are bad.

Reese Eggs with pieces-Buy the regular Reese cups they’re perfection. Or buy Reese Pieces.

Andes Mint Cookie Crunch Thins (Easter)-They are Andes; they’re good.

Starburst minis w/beans- Don’t get the mixed bag, just get the jellybeans.

M&Ms- Jess is wrong, she likes the minis and I like the regular sized ones.

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