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One Hand Clapping

Small purple figure is floating while ancient architecture is in the background.
“Find out just how far your voice can take you!!”

Single player, Puzzle, Platformer, Music

ESRB: E for Everyone

Somewhat Recommend

(Early access: It’s an early access game, not sure how much of it will change before release.) It’s alright for $10 but not groundbreaking. So if you’ve got $10 and you like music story games, go for it. If you’re not into that, don’t spend your time on it.

Recommend (?)

(Early Access: Wait for it to finish. It’s showing a lot of promise for being a short game.) This is a perfect $10 game. It’s not going to blow your mind or anything, but the unique input method of your voice has not been done very often, so I like to see it.

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