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Plate Up!

Single player/Multiplayer, Co-op, Rougelike, Simulation ESRB: E for Everyone Jess Says Definitely Recommend Strongly recommend, as long as you are ok being mad at your… Read More »Plate Up!

It Takes Two

Multiplayer, CO-OP, Adventure, Puzzle, Platformer ESRB: T for Teen Jess Says Strongly Recommend Definitely recommend. No less than 12. Definitely not for you if you… Read More »It Takes Two


Single player/Multiplayer, CO-OP, Rogue-like, Creation ESRB: E for Everyone Jess Says Somewhat Recommend On sale-yes. Full price-no. I can’t really say it’s worth $20 when… Read More »Unrailed!

Moving Out

Single player/Multiplayer, Strategy, Simulation, CO-OP ESRB: E for Everyone Jess Says Slightly Recommend? I’d recommend getting Overcooked 1 or 2 first, and then try Moving… Read More »Moving Out